Walking to Work

There is a ripple floating free,
far away from where it wants to be 
around smooth attitude stones
strewn about your path by efforts
sprung from being in a hurry.

There could be another way 
of arranging the day, the dress,
the rest of all the stuff
you needed to be there, but you
are slow, tidy and precise.

The wind begins to move
closer to your smile, paper
cup, and deli oatmeal bar 
dripping with your special mustard
mix of applesauce and cinnamon.

It could have been yesterday
or this afternoon. It could have 
been now or flying away in a balloon,
as your measured and ruffled
thoughts jumble resolutions.

The next light signals
you to move forward again
with your brisk and brave,
determination for gladness.
The sidewalk celebrates you.

January 2021

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