Air & Scenery

boats bubble
across the water
white fluffies
along the way
hey! not so fast,
make the afternoon
bless memories
that will last.
One seagull I see
flying higher
a cloudless sky.
Gone are dark blue
shaped shadows
on the mountains.
all there is 
to take in
are air and scenery.
My sandwich is finished.
not everyday is thrilling.

2 September 2022
Maywyn Flannery
Long time posting a poem. A maybe farewell posting.
Autumn nearing prompts me to clean out closets, folders and such. Sort and shred season. 
This poetry blog may not be up for long on because the ads I see along with my poems are unpleasant. A gross belly fat ad is gross to me. Years ago I asked WordPress for consideraton as to type of ads on my page. I thought that happened. Must be it changed. Thus, I am looking for a new website.

In all the years this poetry blog has been online, there has been zero emails or inquiries about my poetry. A few likes after a poem is posted is the level of interest. I don't believe that is criticism. I do believe it is an indicator of the level of interest the World has for (this) obscure amateur poets. Granted, not all my poems are lousy. There are those that make me cringe. More, however, do not. 😎

Where to is an adventure. It has been so long that I scouted out website hosts, I don't know what is out there. I expect wherever I land will have a reasonable monthly cost and good graphics. 
Meanwhile, I'll be culling the poems I like to create a print on demand book of my poetry. 
Thank you for visiting

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